Italian Adventure- Part 1

A couple of years ago, I heard about Alchimia, a contemporary jewelry school in Florence, Italy.  Since then, it has been a dream of mine to go study there.  This summer, I finally made it happen and attended Alchimia's Intensive Course for four weeks. 

Minus the horrible cold I had on the flight over and the lost luggage fiasco on my arrival (I did receive it the next day, thank goodness!), the trip was absolutely fabulous.  Florence was beautiful and inspiring, I learned so much at Alchimia, and I met so many nice people.

Alchimia had a lovely facility.  I was in class all day Monday through Friday and enjoyed every minute of it.  Most days I would stay late after class and work as long as they would let me!

While Alchimia does teach conceptual classes, I chose a more technical focus.  My main priority was to learn how to make hinges and closures.  Here is an image of my first hinged bracelet with a pin clasp.  It was definitely challenging and time consuming to make, but I really enjoyed slowing down and learning an advanced technique.

On the weekends I stayed busy seeing the sights in Florence.  It was so wonderful to walk everywhere and explore a city with such a rich history. 

More to come...

Thanks for reading!