Italian Adventure- Part 2

For my second project at Alchimia, I decided on a hinged bangle bracelet.  That way I could see how to make a slightly different hinge and learn how to make a box clasp.  This ended up being another time consuming and difficult project.  I'm so glad I learned it though!

Outside of class, one of my favorite times was when I went to see the David.  I had seen it before about 10 years ago and was totally blown away.  My second trip to the Accademia to see Michelangelo's greatest sculpture was just as fabulous as the first.  It may have been even better because the museum allowed visitors to take photos.  Years ago, that was not the case.  So, I promptly turned into a paparazzi and took all the pictures of David I could.

I also totally loved the Museo del Bargello.  The Bargello is known for it's sculpture collection and has some great other objects like jewelry and armor.  These rings especially caught my eye:

The Bargello also houses another famous David, created by Donatello.  This bronze was actually the first freestanding nude sculpture done since classical times.

Thanks for reading!