Italian Adventure- Part 3

After days and days of bracelet making at Alchimia, I switched gears.  I had always wanted to learn how to make a prong basket setting so I decided that would be my next project.  Alchimia gave me a very large cubic zirconia to work with and I made a very large ring setting for it.  It ended up being just the right amount of tacky and I love wearing it out!

During my free time, I was continually overwhelmed by the opulence of museums of Florence.  I spent a morning at the Uffizi seeing the most famous Botticelli paintings in the world.

Then an afternoon marveling at the expansive architecture and ornate (really ornate!) decor at Palazzo Pitti.

I also visited the Medici Chapels to see Michelangelo sculpture.  On my first trip to Florence I did not visit this spot, and I'm so glad I did this time around.  It was definitely worth it.

Thanks for reading!