Loving Turquoise!

In the past, I have always enjoyed working with sleeping beauty turquoise.  It's color is second to none and it looks great with sterling silver.  I've had a supply of sleeping beauty turquoise cabochons stashed away in my studio for a while, but I haven't thought about using them in months.  The mine where these beautiful stones are sourced has been closed, making them more rare and costly, so I have kind of been hoarding them.  (Fun Fact: The stone got its name because the mountain where it is mined in Arizona resembles a sleeping woman laying on her back with her arms crossed.)  Recently, I decided to bring out my turquoise stash and see how they look next to the 22K/sterling silver bi-metal I have been using.  Well, it was a match made in heaven:

I love these new cuffs so much, I may just have to make some for myself.  They are so bright and feminine, and fit fairly close to the wrist so they don't move around too much.  They are a perfect way to brighten up your wardrobe this fall!

Thanks for reading!