Out and About- VAE For the Love of Art Auction & Gala

This weekend I had a great time attending the Visual Art Exchange For the Love of Art Auction & Gala.  VAE is a non-profit creativity incubator that supports artists in the Triangle area.  Based in downtown Raleigh, their beautiful gallery exhibits the work of over 1,300 artists annually.  VAE also puts on the arts festival (more like creativity explosion) know as SPARKcon that takes over downtown Raleigh every September.  I have had the privilege of participating in several SPARKcon events like fashionSPARK over the years, and it is always been a blast.

This year I supported VAE by donating some of my work to their annual gala auction that raises money for the wonderful programs they put on throughout the year.  My big contribution was this statement necklace made from sterling silver and 22k gold:

I was thrilled that this piece was juried into their live auction, the most exciting part of the evening.  It was so much fun to watch attendees bid on my piece  That is a picture of me above before the auction started.

I also contributed a drawing (yes, I sometimes still draw), which was in the silent auction.  Here is a shot of my piece at the event:

The folks at VAE really know how to throw a party!  It was a great night!

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A Trend I Love- Dark Metal

When I first started to learn about making metal jewelry in 2007, I had not seen or heard of oxidized sterling silver.  I was unsure if I would like it, but once I oxidized my first piece of sterling jewelry and created that rich, dark gray surface, I was hooked.  These days, dark metal like oxidized sterling or black rhodium is being used by many designers, and seems to be getting more popular by the day.  Here are some of my favorite pieces as of late:

From the top:
 Emanuela Duca, Yossi Harari, Christina Ortiz,

My favorite way to use oxidized sterling right now is in combination with gold, like this new ring:

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Sterling and Gold- A perfect match!

I've always been interested in combining different colors in my work.  While a solid sterling or gold piece is lovely, having more than one color of metal adds a lot of dimension.  In the past I have combined elements of sterling silver and oxidized sterling silver in my pieces.  Recently, I wanted to expand on that idea and incorporated more gold.  I experimented with applying gold leaf to sterling, but didn't love the result I was getting.  I then did some research and discovered metal stock that is sterling silver on one side and 22k gold oh the other.  From the second I started working with it, I knew I had found a good thing.  Here are some of my results:

I especially love the stacking rings below.  I've already made a set for myself and they are my new favorite thing to wear!

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~ Claire

Jewelry I Love- Margery Hirschey

I'm always on the lookout for interesting jewelry, and when I recently discovered Margery Hirschey's exquisite collection I couldn't believe I hadn't come across her work before.  Her line has been around since 2008!  Where have I been?  I'm really in love with pretty much everything she does.  Her long drop earrings are particularly beautiful and I love the loose look of the metal fabrication paired with the gorgeous rough cut gemstones.  Her use of color is second to none and her designs prove that jewelry doesn't need to be perfectly polished and pristine to be fine.