Loving Judy Geib Jewelry

I am constantly searching the web for jewelry that I love.  One of my favorite websites to check is Barney's (of course).  They carry the biggest names in the industry, but they also have an eye for spotting up-and-coming jewelers.  Barney's is where I first discovered the work of Judy Geib. Judy Geib was a woman of many talents, making objects and paintings, working in architecture and book design.  When her studio practice turned to jewelry, it seemed she found her true love.  With a basic metalworking class under her belt and a book of jewelry techniques for reference, a jeweler was born.  Barney's picked up her first collection in 2002 and she has been showing with them ever since.

What I love about her work is the that it surprises me.  With every new collection, Judy Geib keeps things fresh and different, while still staying true to a design and fabrication sensibility that is uniquely her own.

She can create stunning earrings with a loosely fabricated feel.  I love the combination of the fine gemstones and the messy (I mean messy in a good way) metal setting.



In contrast, there are times when she exercises control and restraint with these tight geometric forms.



Then of course she is not afraid to show off and design an absolute stunner like this opal bracelet.  Look at all the amazing detail on the back side.  Love!


Thanks for reading!