Back to the Bench

Back to the Bench

The past couple of months of quarantine have marked the longest break I have had from making jewelry since I started back in 2007. I have literally never been away from the bench for this long.

I'll be honest, the break was nice. I enjoyed the time away, frankly more than I expected. I definitely missed going to my studio, but I enjoyed being able to focus on painting for a while.   It was a nice change of pace.

Now that restrictions have begun to lift in NC, I’m going back to studio to make jewelry again.

I’m still not keeping the same hours at studio that I was prior to quarantine.   My time at studio is focused on making only.  I’m keeping administrative and all other business related work at home in order to stay as safe as possible. (We all have to get back to life in a way that we are comfortable with right?)

And while my hours in studio are more limited, it feels great to be back at the bench again a few hours a day.  It's like seeing an old friend!

Plus, I have found an upside to this new schedule…

It has been great for my focus.

I go to studio and I make. That is all. 

I don’t answer emails, sketch, post on social media, or do any of the other things that I used to do while at studio. All of that work is taken care of at home at another time.

When I am at studio, my only job is to create. It feels wonderful- like a gift or a privilege I haven’t had in a while.

So stay tuned because there is a lot of new jewelry to come.  I had actually purchased quite a few new gemstones to work with prior to the shut down, and am having a great time creating with them.  Watch out y'all, I'm back at it and having fun!



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