My #1 Tip for Buying Jewelry Online

My #1 Tip for Buying Jewelry Online

Shopping online for jewelry is convenient and easy.  You can find a designer, read all about their story, and browse through tons of beautiful designs to find a piece that you truly love. 


If you haven’t purchased jewelry online before, it may seem intimidating.   

After years of selling jewelry, I have noticed one thing in particular that people struggle with when purchasing online: envisioning the scale of a piece.

I totally get it. 

It’s hard to judge the actual size of objects based on an online photo! 

If you find yourself hesitating to pull the trigger on an online jewelry purchase, this may be why.

In light of this, my #1 tip for buying jewelry online is a simple one: 

Get out a ruler! 📏

Yes you can read a product description and see that an earring has a 1 ¼” drop or that a gemstone is 10mm wide, but can you really visualize that size accurately?

Let’s be honest, probably not. 😂

But if you get out a ruler, you can quickly see exactly how big a 10mm gemstone is.

Seriously, I have been shopping for gemstones and jewelry supplies online for the better part of a decade, and even I still have to get out my ruler to help myself understand the size of my purchases.   

So maybe you like dainty earrings… Or maybe you have never bet a huge gemstone you didn’t like…  

If you reference a ruler to help you understand the size of your online jewelry purchase, it will help you stay true to your style and find your perfect piece. ✨

Thanks for reading!

~ Claire

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  • Measuring should be obvious but I never think of it. Generational, probably. And it has kept me from online purchases. Thanks for the reminder!

    Carole Corlew on

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