You probably came for the jewelry, but guess what?

I have another part of my creative practice that I would love to share with you...  painting!

Elizabeth, Oil on Canvas, 24x30 Will, Oil on Panel, 12x18
Sarah, Oil on Canvas, 16x20 Natalie, Oil on Canvas, 16x20


You know I spend a lot of time sketching jewelry designs and creating pieces at my bench.  However you may not yet know that I do a little bit more than craft jewelry in my studio. 

I actually love creating original art, and portraits are a particular favorite!

Portraits are a wonderful way to honor someone special in your life.  Much like special pieces of jewelry, portraits become cherished heirlooms. 

They capture a person's spirit at beautiful moment in time.  Portraits are about love and family.

Being able to create such a treasured piece of art is a privilege, and I'd be honored to do just that for you.

Contact me to find out more about commissioning a portrait of your loved one!

~ Claire