My Story

I’ve always been an artist. Most of my time as a little girl was spent filling up sketchbooks. It was a natural progression for me to pursue fine arts so I graduated with a BFA in Printmaking (Clemson University) and even entered an MFA program. But, for some reason, it felt like I was on the wrong track. So I left the MFA program.

My intuition led me enroll in two-month jewelry program at Penland School of Crafts. I’m glad I trusted my instincts.

It was love at first saw… Is that a thing?

The first time I picked up my jeweler’s saw it felt like the stars aligned.

I had felt lost as a printmaker and I found my creativity again at the jeweler’s bench. It was like magic. I still count those two months at Penland as the best time of my 20s.

Shortly after my class, I started my studio and founded my jewelry company, Emily Claire. I took a sales job at an IT firm and worked full time for five years while I spent my nights and weekends building my jewelry business. It was hard work, but I made it happen.

In 2014, I decided it was time to let my passion for jewelry take center stage, and I left my sales job to pursue my business full time.

Since then I haven’t looked back.

There is no better feeling than to take an idea, turn it into a sketch, and then bring that idea to life at the bench. I'm at my best when I'm crafting jewelry! My passion is to help women like you feel elegant and confident.

I'd be honored to share my creativity with you!


Claire Jacobs 

Photo Credit Dana Gray Studio